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AMPELOPSIS CANTONIENSIS (name in Vietnamese: che day, khau ra, thau ra) is a vine native to Vietnam. Ampelopsis has been used by ethnic people in the north of Vietnam since long ago to cure digestion-related diseases. Ampelopsis grows in the nature of mountainous northern provinces of Vietnam, namely Lang Son, Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Lai Chau, Hoa Binh… Inherited the ancient knowledge about Ampelopsis, together with studies by scientists, Traphaco used Ampelopsis as a main ingredient to develop Ampelop, a medicine for stomach diseases.


Being a naturally grown plant, ampelopsis was exploited and harvested enormously that it had to face drastic quantity decrease. Therefore, Traphaco company had an article about preservation in their contracts with the collectors, that only leaves and first branches would be brought, leaving the plant to continue growing. However, due to limited awareness of collectors and emerging demand, ampelopsis was still massively harvested.

With the problem being identified, BioTrade project worked together with Traphaco to research about ampelopsis and its reserves. Based on the research, a sustainable collection procedure for Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province was suggested. Moreover, BioTrade project helped the Dzao ethnic people here to establish a cooperative group of Ki Quan San. A range of production materials was provided to the cooperative group by the project, including warehouse, slicer, dryer machines… setting a basis for GACP application. These moves by BioTrade project had positive impacts in the mindset of the Dzao people in Ki Quan San, raising their awareness about biodiversity conservation.

Besides, the project also helped Traphaco to access to international standards for medicinal materials through trainings and conferences. The contribution from BioTrade was counted as one of the most influential factors that get the value chain of ampelopsis by Traphaco the GACP certificate, ready to be exported.

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