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GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE as recorded in ancient medicine of China and India is a cure for diabetes. Modern studies also showed that gymnemic acid in Gymnema sylvestre can help increase insulin secretion, reduce blood glucose and lipid as well as harmful cholesterols, therefore blood sugar level is stabilize.

In Vietnam, Gymnema was only noticed after the research of Professor Tran Van On from Hanoi University of Medicine. Realizing the potentials of the plant, Nam Duoc company worked together with Prof. Tran Van On to develop and introduce Diabetna, a supplement dietary product for diabetes patients.

In order to be in control of the quality and quantity of Gymnema, from 2008 Nam Duoc has developed a cultivation area of Gymnema in Hai Loc ward, Hai Hau district, Nam Dinh province. However, the company had to face difficulties of finding a quality source for seeds, or figuring out an effective way to cooperate with the farmers, who are not familiar with such ideas of standardized procedures or international certifications.


After being chosen as a partner of BioTrade project, these difficulties were all solved. The value chain for Gymnema had to go through a scanning and selection process of BioTrade project. Finally it was chosen as one of the first five value chains to be invested and developed to meet standards of GACP-WHO (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices by World Health Organization).

With benefits sharing being one of the core values, BioTrade had done various efforts to make sure the company, the farmers and the retailers can gain their benefits from the plant cultivation. For Gymnema value chain, the project provided the farmers with some capital goods (warehouses, sun-drying sheets, inter-fields watering system) as well as supported the company in legal and trade activities. The project also helped Nam Duoc to construct cultivation and harvest procedures, trained company staffs about GACP and other international promotion efforts. As a result, Nam Duoc acquired the certificate of GACP by Ministry of Health.

The success of Nam Duoc and other companies in BIG Vietnam proved that medicinal materials production in compliance with BioTrade principles would be a bright path for Vietnamese pharmaceuticals.

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