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PHYLLANTHUS AMARUS (in Vietnamese Diep ha chau)  is a popular herbal plant in South America, which is known for its medicinal property in curing many diseases: gout, malaria fevers, intermittent fevers , dysentery, ulcers, and diabetes. In Oriental medicine, phyllanthus amarus also has uses for liver diseases and detoxification. Since 1980s, medicinal uses of phyllanthus amarus for hepatitis B was noticed by scientists and further studies were conducted.

In Vietnam, phyllanthus amarus was formulated by Vietroselle to Diep ha chau tea. Hepatoprotective product of HAMEGA by Nam Duoc also contains phyllanthus amarus cultivated by Vietroselle. Realizing the domestic demand for phyllanthus amarus which counts for 5 – 10 tons per year, Vietroselle and BioTrade did researches to develop a GACP-WHO standard complied cultivation area in 3 districts (Dong Hoa, Tay Hoa, Phu Hoa) of Phu Yen province.


Using the same method of delivering support along the value chain, BioTrade project supported Vietroselle in various forms: trainings to company staffs on GACP and sustainable value chains, announcement of GACP complied production, study tours and trade fair visits to analyze the market demand for medicinal materials and seek for potential customers, communication efforts to promote GACP certified products, and favoring discussions between the company and local/central governments for supportive policies toward medicinal plants production.


As a result, the cultivation model of phyllanthus amarus by Vietroselle was certified with GACP standard and its value chain is now being sustainably operated. Meanwhile, farmers who work with Vietroselle are experiencing a significant raise in their incomes (compared to crops yielding). The project with Vietroselle is yet another successful story of BioTrade project.

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