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PLECTRANTHUS AMBOINICUS, commonly known as Mexican mint or Indian borage, is often used in Vietnam as a herb in cooking. However, in Oriental medicine, Mexican mint has many uses, especially the treatment of coughs, sore throats and nasal congestion, but also for a range of other problems such as infections, chronic asthma, flu, breath odor.

Derived from the tradional uses of Mexican mint, DHG Pharma successfully formulated the product of Eugica for treatments of coughs. Eugica is available in three forms: hard candy, sirup, and soft capsules which is easy to consume for all consumers. 

With the value chain of Mexican mint and its cultivation area in Tri Ton (An Giang province), DHG was chosen to be a partner of BioTrade project and a core member of BIG Vietnam.

Thanks to the cooperation with BioTrade project, Mexican mint is now being cultivated in Tri Ton with a total area of 11 hectares. As DHG Pharma develops, the planting sites is keeping on expanding.

At the moment in Tri Ton, 33 households (of Khmer ethnic group) who are cultivating Mexican mint have formed a cooperative group. The group plays the role of the linkage between DHG Pharma and the households as well as an ad-hoc of DHG in imparting information, updates, technical advances to the households. Through the cooperative group, DHG can also have on-field supervision to ensure proper adoptions of GACP-WHO standard.

BioTrade and BIG Vietnam also helped DHG in designing banners, signs, flyers, record notes, etc. to put around planting sites. Other documents for farmer training, seeds production, and cultivation process are being completed as next step in applying for GACP-WHO certification.

To conclude, the cooperation with BioTrade benefits both the company and the farmers. Farmer households gain better income, hence more stable livelihood. DHG is now also better prepared to export to potential international markets.


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