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POLYSIAS FRUTICOSA, as popular as it is in Vietnam, is often used in cooking as a herb. However, the plant has valuable uses in medicine as it enhances circulation and helps with digestion. Polysias is raised throughout the country but the density focuses in provinces of Nam Dinh, Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Phu Tho, Dak Nong…

Traphaco’s Cebraton product has polysias as the main ingredient. Cebraton is an organic nervine which enhances neuro circulation and helps with memory restoration. This is one of the best-sellers of Traphaco, possessing the biggest market shares in its market segment.




Traphaco built for itself an abundant source of materials with 3000 households cultivating polysias in Nam Dinh province. As a support for these households, Traphaco provide them with seedlings for free, train them on the cultivation, harvesting and pre-processing techniques. The cooperation between the company and the farmers is based on an agreement which clearly clarify the quatity, quality level and prices.  

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However, there are still several loopholes in the value chain of polysias. For instance, when offered with better prices by outbound dealers, the farmers tend to break the agreement with Traphaco, or the farmers are not used to suggested standard cultivation procedures that the outcome quality does not meet requirements of Traphaco.

Realizing the potential of this value chain, BioTrade project came along with Traphaco to analyze the situation and come up with some alterations. Firstly, the cultivation, harvest and pre-processing procedures in compliance with GACP standard are introduced to the farmers through training courses. The project also favored the establishment of a cooperative group of farmers in Hai Toan commune, Hai Hau district. The cooperative is intended to help its members access to market information and standardize the production. Furthermore, the cooperative should play the role of a linkage between the farmers and the company (and scientists) which secures the stability of the value chain.


In order to maintain the cooperative group, BioTrade project provided support financially and technically. The households in Hai Toan were given farming tools, the pre-process plant was upgraded. Besides, a seedling production center was founded to provide quality seedlings of polysias to these households.

The above alterations quickly resulted in positive changes. The quality of end product is ensured and meets international standards. The farmers are satisfied with higher incomes than what they made before. Traphaco has their source of quality polysias and is getting ready to expand their reach, aiming at exporting to bigger markets.

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