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BioTrade project closed its three year first phase

BioTrade is the word that now has become familiar for many players in the natural ingredients sector. That did not come within a day but rather one of the achievements of the project “Development of BioTrade activities within the natural ingredients sector of Vietnam” in introducing the concept of BioTrade to Vietnam. 

 IMG 1626To conclude and showcase all the results the project has  achieved after the first phase, a closing workshop was held last  October. Participants of the workshop included the donor Swiss  State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, the four  pharmaceutical companies who have been close partners of  the project during the last three year, and the authorities  (national and local levels) who helped make it possible for the  project to succeed. Some other international organizations with  relatable projects also attended the workshop to learn more  about BioTrade project.




The warm ambience of a riverside restaurant hosted the workshop wherein everyone took a look  

IMG 1638-rszd back from the very first days, when it all began. The project team knocked on the door of companies, then shed their sweat on fields, which resulted in on-field trainings for farmers being organized, inter-field roads and irrigation channels being built, or study tours for companies’ executives to international markets. Many success stories were shared by insiders, from farmers to heads of companies, from technical experts to national authorities, which gave various perspectives into the achievements that the project was able to conquer.


IMG 1649-rszdThe workshop was concluded with sharing about potentials and expectations for BioTrade and its member companies. As BioTrade Implementation Group – BIG Vietnam has been founded, it is believed that achievements by the project will still be remained and replicated. Even though the public awareness of the importance of conserving and sustainable trading of biodiversity resources has started to form, it takes a lot more effort and resources to achieve the goal of identifying Vietnam as an internationally recognized supplier of natural ingredients. Commitments from SECO and BioTrade companies together with the support of the government will definitely, sooner or later, help realize that ambitious goal. 


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