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UNCTAD to enrich its portfolio in Vietnam

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) marked another milestone in Vietnam when having its official encounter with Vietnamese authorities and enterprises last June. With the sponsorship of the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs, UNCTAD cooperated with BIG Vietnam and Biodiversity Conservation Administration to co-organize three workshops in Hanoi.

The first workshop entitled “Identification of barriers to the trade of Biodiversity based and BioTrade based products” took place on June 23. Participants were presented to how to access to information about a wide range of different kinds of non-tariff measures that natural ingredient products from Vietnam may have to face when reaching for export markets.



Opening speech of Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs' s representative


 MG 0266


Expert of UNCTAD talked about opportunities and challenges for Vietnamese enterprises


Executive of UNCTAD gave instruction on how to search for non-tariff measures for each particular product


Vietnamese enterprises shared their experience and lesson learned while exporting


The workshop was well received by its participants

On another subject, workshop “Addressing the intersection between the Nagoya Protocol, access and benefit sharing (ABS) rules and BioTrade” met its goal to provide a broader understanding on the intersection between ABS and BioTrade for policy makers, regulators and interested businesses in Vietnam.

 MG 0319


Opening speech from representative of Biodiversity Conservation Administration


Experts of UNCTAD explained about the intersections between the three mechanisms


National expert gave inputs into how can Vietnam apply Nagoya protocol, ABS and BioTrade

 MG 0525

 MG 0525

Authorities and enterprises in group discussion about how to implement Nagoya protocol, ABS and BioTrade in Vietnam


Experts of UNCTAD as well as national authorities left with useful information and hopefully Vietnam will become recognized as a country with a well preserved biodiversity.




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