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One of the most critical success factors in positioning natural ingredient products on the market is to standardize their quality. Applying international standards helps businesses polish their own brand names and gives them a competitive edge. The Good Agriculture and Collection Practices by The World Health Organization (GACP-WHO) is an internationally recognized standard for medicinal plants which can guarantee better recognition for products that are certified.


BIG Vietnam can offer you the expertise gained in providing the highest quality services on the standard of GACP-WHO, such as:

1. Consultation of supply chain development
- Assessment and selection of planting site (in terms of economic – sociology – environment)
- Construction of effective value chains.

2. Consultation of quality management system construction in the manner of GACP- WHO
- Training for involved parties including: requirements of GACP, application of GACP, internal auditing…
- Training on how to work with farmers/farmer unions
- Training on HRM (Human Resources Management), purchasing management, production management, documentation management, tracing management…

3. Consultation of filing dossier and announcing GACP
- Identifying of documents in the dossier
- Instruction for completing the dossier
- Support with lodging the dossier
- Completion of the dossier after auditing and certification issuing. 

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