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An opinion shared by experts is that product advertising skills are, among others, a weakness of Vietnamese enterprises. Hence despite having good quality products, goods produced in Vietnam are not being exported or being priced unfavorably on international markets. 

Aware of the problem, BIG Vietnam together with BioTrade project is aiming to help firms to get access to new trends and information from the global market. Supportive activities to help firms improve their product advertising skills and other trade promotion activities are also in the agenda of BIG Vietnam and BioTrade. Vietnamese pharmaceuticals can be assured to be able to access to latest information and list of the world’s most visited international trade fairs.

BioTrade and BIG Vietnam have entered pharmaceutical firms into international trade fairs in Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Korea. BioTrade also organized training courses on product promotion skills for Nam Duoc, Vietroselle, Domesco, Luong Quoi…

Being prepared with information and skills, the above firms were confident to introduce their products of natural ingredients and make great impression to international prospectus, especially oil and extracts from ginger, turmeric, green tea of Domesco, product Diabetna for diabetes of Nam Duoc, virgin coconut oil of Luong Quoi, and green tea and hibiscus tea of Vietroselle. Some contracts were even set up and discussed during the fair.

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