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BIG Vietnam

BIG Vietnam (BioTrade Implementation Group) was founded to advice and support enterprises and communities to develop value chain models, ranging from cultivation, collection, processing, trading, etc. in compliance with BioTrade principles.

BIG Vietnam is the result of the cooperation betweenHELVETAS Vietnam and Vietnam Society for Medicinal Materials - VIMAMES, and was founded with 4 initial partners: Nam Duoc, DHG, Traphaco, Vietroselle. 


BIG Vietnam holds the responsibility to promote the effectiveness of BioTrade business model, encouraging pharmaceutical companies to apply the model to their strategies and operation. Furthermore, the group also works closely with companies to construct a strategy to position BioTrade products on the domestic market, creates awareness about BioTrade concept for consumers, and finally practices trade promotion activities to help these products reach export markets of EU, US, Japan, etc.

Above all, BIG Vietnam is expected to be the advocator in meetings and discussions with governmental bodies of different levels to lever an enabling policy environment in favor of high-quality domestic natural ingredient products, ensure the fairness and transparency of the natural ingredients market in Vietnam.




BioTrade, as defined by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in 1996, consists of “those activities of collection, production, transformation, and commercialisation of goods and services derived from native biodiversity under the criteria of environmental, social and economic sustainability”.


BioTrade activities by definition are based on seven key principles:

-       Conservation of biodiversity

-       Sustainable use of biodiversity

-       Fair and equitable sharing of benefits derived from the use of biodiversity

-       Socio-economic sustainability

-       Compliance with national and international regulations

-       Respect for the rights of actors involved in BioTrade activities

-       Clarity about land tenure, use and access to natural resources and knowledge

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BIG Vietnam Head Office

5th floor, CAT building
58 lane 180A/3 Nguyen Luong Bang street
Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Phone: +84 43 936 3274
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BIG Vietnam Representative Office

Van Phuc Diplomatic Quarters
298F Kim Ma Street
Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Phone: +84 43 843 17 50
Fax    : +84 43 843 17 44
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